Curse of the Lost Tomb – Chessington World of Adventures Halloween 2015!

CalenderTue 27th October 2015

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“In The Curse of the Lost Tomb maze, explorers are encouraged to delve into the secret lost tomb of Genghis Khan. Will all be revealed, or will the cursed tomb claim those who dare to enter?”

We’ve had another Halloween project underway at Scruffy Dog… This time, it was our inaugural Halloween-themed maze for Chessington World of Adventures Resort!

We’re seasoned pros at scaring the big kids – the brief this time, however, was to design, build and install a Halloween-themed attraction suitable for the younger generation to enjoy.

So our design studio set to work on coming up with something that young ones would get a gentle thrill out of this scare season, coming up with an expedition-style attraction that also fits in with the overall theme at Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

Located in one of the park’s 10 themed lands, Wild Asia, the maze’s entrance is disguised as an old Asian washroom and, as legend has it, the tomb is hidden behind the shop… For those of you who are fans of Indiana Jones, you may have guessed that our design team was inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where, in search of the Grail, Indy discovers the tomb of a First Crusade knight beneath the library…

The maze is split into various small challenges wherein explorers are tasked to find clues in order to proceed – but if you want to know more about the challenges, you’ll have to visit the attraction while it’s still live!

Adding even more excitement to the expedition, intrepid explorers have the opportunity to uncover the lost ancient treasure that lies buried in the tomb… Will you be the one to uncover it?

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