Scruffy Dog is a world class provider of custom fabrication and finishes, servicing the entertainment, events, leisure and architectural industries. Our engineering, carpentry, finishing and automation departments collectively draw from decades of hands-on experience to bring creative, cost effective solutions, alongside best practices to our clients.

Situated in the industrial capital of the UK – Birmingham, Scruffy Dog also occupies a 40,000 sq.ft production facility staffed by an experienced & committed team of specialists. Powered by our own internal resources & utilising the latest technology and machinery we ensure each project is designed and produced to the highest specification Scruffy Dog is also ISO9001 certified, making it the only ISO certified company with facilities in London, Barcelona, Shanghai & Dubai.


At Scruffy Dog, the client is our top priority. Every project is assigned a dedicated project manager who will oversee it from the concept stage and bid-drawings to final installation. Project management works across all of our departments to save our clients both time and money. Whether it’s helping select the best materials, the method of fabrication or finding solutions to help our clients meet their budget goals, Scruffy Dog has the technical and industry know-how to ensure a project meets then exceeds your expectations.


Scruffy Dog’s dedicated team of designers and engineers follow a project through every phase of its life, from initial design to fabrication and installation on site, ensuring a product that is safe, efficient, and true to its artistic intent. Through thoughtful planning, as well as years of production experience, we find creative solutions for any challenge and transform the most complex designs from ideas to reality. 

We use a range of software including Autocad, Vectorworks, Sketchup, Rhino and Solidworks


Scruffy Dog works closely with our trusted partners to provide a unique range of structural engineering services for our projects within the entertainment and events sectors.

Our services include 3-dimensional analysis and design for one-off solutions and permanent installations, checking for code compliance and considering method of installation.

Our engineers have specialist knowledge of trussing, staging and temporary structures and provide a tailored service to meet client requirements.


Scruffy Dog’s carpentry shop is filled with some of the best craftspeople in our industry. They use their expert knowledge to fuse a broad range of materials such as glass, wood or high-pressure laminates. Our team works closely with technical designers and project managers to solve artistic and complex build challenges so that we can deliver a stunning product to our clients. 


Scruffy Dog offers one of the most flexible and productive metal fabrication facilities in the industry. Encompassing a wide variety of crafts and skills, they can create anything from delicate lightweight decorative pieces to fully structural platforms, which are all fabricated in our workshop. At  Scruffy Dog  our team of engineers and metal fabricators are not only creators but also true artists.


Our talented sculpture team specialise in the creation of complex and highly accurate busts of famous characters and creatures from a range of blockbuster films for theatre and display purposes. The models are created from a combination of techniques combining CNC machining, 3D printing,  Casting and Clay Sculpture using traditional methods. 

The models are then painted by our scenic painting team to create incredibly lifelike results!


Our skilled team of Scenic Finishers can turn their hands to almost anything. They have experience in virtually the entire scope of painting and crafting techniques and are experts in the use of a variety of different media. 

Our scenic finishing team specialise in the painting of 3D models both large and small whether made via traditional methods such as joinery or clay sculpture or 3D printed or created via CNC machining.


This Machine creates layers of a spray coating onto an object which encapsulates the object increasing the strength, structure and protection of the object. 

The machine can also spray objects using Polyurethane or Polyurea. Polyurethane is a liquid hard coat that creates rigid layers onto the object and is Class 1 fire rated. Polyurea is also a liquid hard coat but the result is a more flexible and less rigid coating which will allow flex in the finished product. However, is not fire rated.

Additionally, we can do a 50/50 layering system which of Polyurea and Polyurethane to combine the benefits of both sprays. The spray is non solvent so it can be applied to any material including polystyrene to create more organic objects into a hardened object.


With six spray booths, we are able to prime, topcoat and hardcoat onto nearly every surface.

The booths have a combined footprint of 130 square metres and exchange their entire volume of air every two minutes. This allows us to coat any materials such as Fibreglass, MDF, plywood, natural timbers, metals, acrylics, tooling boards and many other materials. Two of the four booths can be heated to approx. 60 degrees celsius to accelerate curing times.


Within our workshop we have the machinery to enable us to craft almost any material into almost any shape. Our 3-axis machine can cut a wide array of sheet material from metal to foam. 

The 5-axis machine enables us greater freedom and is frequently used to cut intricate shapes from polystyrene foam and some harder foams with its exclusive hotwire, 

Our 7-axis robot, which is manufactured by Kuka, enables us to achieve the greatest intricacy. It can be used for milling and modelling with its four interpolated axes, and as a standard 3-axis milling machine and hot wire cutter. The robotic arm is much like our 5-axis but better. It can work on larger objects and a wider array of materials. The robot also allows us to produce more complex geometry objects with under cuts and has a far shorter production time than the 5 axis.


Our skilled workshop team are experts in the creation of complex moulds used to produce complicated GRP components. Moulds made in the past have varied in complexity and material, some moulds are cast, some manufactured using traditional methods and some made from GRP themselves. 

We employ a variety of experts who employ a range of methods to create bespoke fibreglass structures. The structures produced range from complex themed elements for queue lines, film sets and beyond, to more simplistic large scale structures such as themed rockwork for climbing walls and more. 


Experiences, props and effects are becoming increasingly complex, with the integration of multiple disciplines such as scenic, integrated tech, automation and animatronics. At Scruffy Dog we can support your project development needs through our turn-key design and prototype services. Whether you are looking to explore a bespoke piece of immersive scenic and technology, a methodology to produce a large scale prop using a mix of mediums (3D printing/traditional manufacturing) or looking at then feasibility to launch a high volume production run. Our team of skilled technicians and craftsmen employ their unique industry experience in producing prototypes to the highest quality and standards.


Scruffy Dog’s Electrics shop specialises in creative solutions for a technical world. We able to convert almost any surface into a seamless video display and work with all types of electrics, including incandescents, neon, smart foil and LED. We also supply automation and control racks, LED screens, hydraulic pumps and actuators, all powered by miles of cable.


At Scruffy Dog we work with our trusted partners to integrate the latest electronic engineering technology and bring amazing models to life. We design and develop our models in-house, simultaneously using an array of technologies including, electronic, robotic systems, mechatronics, servo-controlled systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, to embody movement in our creatures or displays.

We utilise commercially available control systems, or if required, custom control software. We work closely with our clients to deliver solutions that meet and exceed their creative and technical aspirations.


Our installation team can turn their hand to any project big or small, in the UK or beyond. We employ experts in all necessary disciplines such as ropes access and beyond. 

Whether your project needs to go down the road or around the world, Scruffy Dog will make it happen on time and on budget. From box trucks & trailers to sea containers & air charter, we work with some of the largest logistics companies in the world to ensure your project gets from point A to B safely and intact. 

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