Scruffy Dog Digital division is built by a team of Oscar winning artists and immersive media experts. Whether concepting an idea, script developing through to our industry leading Virtual Production tools our team can help you with the following services:


As part of a new attraction that you envision you may desire to incorporate some form of digital media. This media may take many forms from in experience entertainment to instructional live action pre-shows for dark rides, 5D theatres, rollercoasters, FEC’s and beyond. We also have the capability to produce interactive media and games for museum exhibits. Our industry experts can even incorporate VR/AR into these systems if desired.


SD Digital has a team of incredibly talented previs artists spread across the globe. Our team is working 24 hours a day, tripling the productivity compared to our competition. The core supervision team based in London has experience of working on Oscar winning projects and for the biggest franchises in the world including Marvel. Based around Unreal engine our workflow provides the ability for our clients to move straight from Storyboarding in engine to Previsualisation and onset services in a truly flexible way.


Working with your set design team Scruffy Dog artists can bring your environments to life in an entirely flexible way. From the start of pre production to onset realisation of environments the team are well versed in working in a collaborative way. 

We can change set dressings and lighting almost instantly to change the onset experience in a revolutionary way. 


May your requirements be 2D or 3D Motion Graphics, We can bring to life any idea quickly, simply and in turn cost effectively to deliver a message in a fast and impactful way. We can create everything from introduction sizzles, title animations, holding loops, animated infographics. 


With a history of working with Virtual and Augmented reality over the past decade, the team members of Digital have worked on some of the most innovative projects seen. Including several theme park attractions, experiences for both the Hololens 2 and Magic Leap and the world’s first virtual reality test drive for VW. There is no brief too challenging for our team, we utilise VR in our everyday workflow for Film and TV 


Our live action team has decades of experience creating the highest quality commercial and film projects, working with agency clients including BBH, M&C Saatchi, Droga 5 through to Brand partners including Google, Apple and Burberry.  

We can plan and execute complex all types of shoots from simple to the most complex VFX shoots, and work within any part of the process.

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