Once we receive a project request, our principals analyse the brief and establish a dynamic communication with the stakeholders. Then we start to brainstorm and research crucial elements for a consistent, original and impressive initial presentation. In this phase we do a first approach to the future Masterplan and explore options for the narrative and the visual identity of thier Project.


Once direction is established with the stake holders, we now start to bring the big idea to life! In this stage we explain our vision its story and their guests experience for the project, The concept design package includes layouts, engaging storylines zoning, content, attractions proposals, dynamic storyboards, wow illustrations all in a powerful visual presentation.


In this phase we develop every space to scale and dimension as per the Concept Design Architecture, general contractor works, themed decoration and contents interact together, while all other aspects of the experience are considered. All models and plans of the project are completed at this stage.


In this phase each solution will be defined to the technical level that constructors and suppliers will need for firstly the tender process and then production or construction. Collaborating with local architects and engineers to ensure the project meets the regulations, local construction and security specifications. At this stage we ensure the stake holder have all the documentation and information they need to bring this concept to creation.


In our very own state of the art manufacturing facility, our production team and procurement managers work alongside your appointed vendors to transform your design concepts into final pieces, using the most versatile and effective materials, and applying the best standards in safety and visual impact in the industry. Our creations speak for themselves.


Our experts in Audio-visual, Multimedia Contents and Special Effects work closely with our Creative team to make the most of the storyline and bring the whole experience to life.


The ISO certified Project management team working alongside the show vendors deliver your product or experience with a streamlined, seamless, and organised programme, making sure the final results honour the design intent and previous phases every time.


With the project now open, our team of designers, producers & art directors remain invested in the long term strategic planning and success of your project.


If you have a project you would like to discuss or would like to find out more about our services, then please contact us via the details below or drop us a message using the contact form.

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Email: info@scruffydogltd.com