Scruffy Dog Designs its first FEC in Saudi Arabia.

7 October 2019
Scruffy Dog Designs its first FEC in Saudi Arabia.

Scruffy Dog Group Global Creative Services have been appointed by High Point Hospitality to design their latest Family Entertainment Center, located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Colormotion is a 2,500 sqm facility, which will host a variety of activities for children to play in, each of them being represented by a pastel icon.

This two-story complex has been designed with a bright and open space. Each activity has its own colour, allowing guests to recognise the coloured path along the floors and walls, that lead to the respective activity rooms, which include dance, gymnastics, music, boxing/karate. Furthermore, the centre will feature a number of attractions such as a bespoken multi-activity structure with slides, an aerial obstacle tower, a climbing area, trampolines, and a toddler play area.

“Our client wanted the brand to reflect Family Entertainment as a balance of playing and learning,” said Scruffy Dog Creative Director Diego Cid. “We have worked closely with our client to achieve an inviting environment, where the rooms were versatile and dynamic, while each activity has a functional yet engaging set.”

Scruffy Dog have already completed the concept and technical design, as well as the original brand development of the FEC.

Cid said, “Colormotion has been conceived with many factors in mind, giving individual importance to each activity, but considering the interaction of the centre as a whole, dividing the spaces without sacrificing the views, the light or the height, but most importantly, aiming to create a family destination were kids find energy, motivation, curiosity, inspiration and fun, a place that becomes part of their life experience and aspirations for years to come.”