3 Things Museums Can Do to Attract Younger Guests

a museum with multiple exhibits and visitors
a museum with multiple exhibits and visitors
17 November 2022
3 Things Museums Can Do to Attract Younger Guests

Museums can serve as a fantastic educational tool for people of all ages. A well-designed space offering plenty of information on a subject can be a great way to develop knowledge with interactive experiences also helping to engage visitors and develop understanding of a time period or culture. One area where some museums can struggle though, is in attracting younger guests who – with access to various online resources – don’t always show all that much interest in visiting museums. In order to keep being relevant for younger audiences, it is vital that museums adapt with the times and make the most of the technologies at their disposal to keep their younger visitors engaged. Below are three things museums can do to attract younger guests.


Not every museum has a reputation for being particularly child-friendly; with the general view being that these attractions are primarily geared toward adults, not every parent will look to bring their child to a museum. Of course, museums have focus on a whole range of subjects and there are plenty that are aimed toward younger people – the facilities on offer need to match this. Baby changing facilities as well as amenities for nursing mothers need to be made available as well a child-friendly exhibits.

Finances are also a deciding factor when it comes to families and affordability plays a major role in whether they can and if so – how frequently – they can visit museums. Many museums look to partner with schools or local libraries to make visits incredibly affordable (or even free) for children.

Interesting Exhibits

If information is presented in the same way as they might see it in a textbook or online resource, people may not be as incentivised to visit. Many museums across the world are looking to add all sorts of fun and quirky exhibits to really stand out from the crowd and engage with their younger audiences.

Utilise Technology

Many of the younger generation are incredibly tech-savvy and have no issue confidently interacting with a whole range of technology-based exhibitions. Why not leverage this and implement some of your own interactive exhibitions? Interactive exhibitions are frequently far more engrossing than their commonplace alternatives and are likely to attract the interest of younger audiences. Of course, many younger visitors will also have access to smartphones – a piece of tech that can potentially open up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to engagement.

Museum exhibits and experiences should be conceived for the wide audience, considering different levels of understanding, from little kids to senior people and inclusive of different cultures and academic levels too, so anyone is able to understand the core message of the experience no matter the profile.

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