The ‘Experience Design’ sector of Scruffy Dog Creative Group specialises in providing initial creative, master planning, concept design and concept development services. Furthermore, other sectors of our business specialise in taking these initial ideas and transforming them into real, physical experiences. At Scruffy Dog, we can provide a true turnkey solution from start to finish through the individual sectors of the company working in unison.


We offer strategic planning services on all our projects. With this service we focus on understanding the client’s needs and expectations, budget, timescales and more as well as analysing the site for the project, so we understand climate, topography, constraints, etc.

Each new project needs a Feasibility Study,  either provided by the client or prepared by our specialist consultants,  this service includes Target Market Analysis, Competitive Product  Comparison, Tourists Consumption Habits, Investment Model, along with other parameters that will be key to determine the proper scale of the project as well as establishing the Guidelines of our Masterplan. 

At this stage aspects such as Land Use, Indoor/Outdoor ratio, Experience selection, F&B needs, Accommodations, Transportation, Parking Spaces, as well as all the Entertainment units and their overall relationships will be forecast to assure the project is designed  and developed over a solid foundation.


A Masterplan is an overarching planning document and spatial layout which is used to structure land use and development. ‘Master plan’ is an all-encompassing term which can range from a single indoor experience to a large scale indoor/outdoor Leisure Development.

Our Masterplanning service brings together the  selection of attractions, theming, capacities and guests flow, zoning layout, with all the facilities requirements, taking into account not only the Guest visible areas , but also the back-of-house areas, guest amenities, bathrooms, staff offices etc. which are outside of the direct visitor experience. The interior distribution and functionality of each of these components are considered part of the design responsibilities we have to take care of.  

Masterplanning forms a target scope that includes the nature, theme, size, financial parameters and schedule milestones for the project. This results in the creation of the planning and development strategies that will be used to establish the Project Programme.


Once a project begins our talented concept design team get to work. Our team specialise in the creation of bespoke narrative. We can either take an existing IP, myth, legend or story and transform it into an exciting guest experience or craft an entirely new adventure from scratch. 

Once a story is defined we can then begin to visualise the attraction. This can be through the use of storyboard sketches, moodboards and bespoke visuals. A wow visual for the key moment of the experience may be produced here to give a feel for the overall adventure.


In order to fully define a project our concept team specialise in producing high quality visuals detailing each step of the guest experience. These visuals encapture a guest’s journey through from the entrance of the attraction, through various stages of the queue line, the loading area, the attraction itself, unloading and any post experience retail or dining that might exist. 

Our comprehensive designs ensure a full visualisation of the experience of the highest quality for our clients. We also develop the brand throughout this process by incorporating it into every stage of the guest experience. 


With this service we identify all the physical elements of the project, how they interact with each other, and locate them to scale within the themed areas. 

Scmeatic design becomes the skeleton on which the Detail Design effort is built. 

During this process we will implement all elements of design from the conceptual phase into a technical set of documents. This includes the theming, materials and finishes, decoration applications, as well as the development of a preliminary BOQ for all the elements which are part of the themed environment.


In this phase each solution will defined to the technical level that theming constructors and suppliers will need for production. 

The design is elaborated with a fully detailed description which includes intent finishes of the theming,  layouts and elevations and 3D model drawings to ensure compliance to concept design. 

In this phase, we collaborate with local suppliers to ensure the project meets the regulations, material standards  and security specifications while preserving the artistic quality and Visual Identity of the Concept


Our technical creatives also provide manufacturing drawings for all of the individual themed elements within our projects.

From the smallest puzzle in an escape room, to signage and larger props for museum exhibitions and beyond the technical team based in Birmingham produce complex manufacturing drawings for use by our Creative Production team. 


In addition to our traditional 2D visuals we produce for our comprehensive client decks we also offer 3D modelling services and flythrough services.

Our talented digital design team can produce immersive, full colour flythroughs compatible with VR of the attraction enabling stakeholders to immerse themselves in a 360-degree virtual journey through the experience.

Our digital creatives can also produce in ride instructional and entertainment videos to enhance the experience further still. 

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