The entrance to LEGO movie world with a crane made out of LEGO holding the sign
Brand Activations & Live Events
Brand activations centre around providing a customer base with an engaging, memorable experience elevating their view of a brand. Consumer interaction is key to establishing a loyal customer base and brand experience design provides an opportunity to show off exactly what an organisation is all about. It is important to utilise all the latest technology and state of the art effects to uniquely and memorably communicate all the details that represent an organisation’s culture, purpose, or messaging.
Case Studies

For the Riyadh Season 2023/24, Sela partnered with Scruffy Dog Creative Group to deliver ‘Wonder Garden’, an all-new, temporary amusement and experience park.

Wonder Garden was a vivid and immersive themed natural environment that enveloped visitors in a kaleidoscope of colours, vegetation, and creativity. With a variety of entertainment options, including rides, interactive games, cutting-edge multimedia experiences, and a variety of F&B offerings, the park was divided into separate themed zones, each with its own distinct ambience and style.

In close collaboration with the Sela team, Scruffy Dog Creative Group designed the concept and created the masterplan, before working on the technical development and supervision of this award-winning design.

NFL Helmets
NFL Helmets

Scruffy Dog Creative Group were approached by Wasserman for this exciting collaboration.

The innovative project’s scope required our specialist fabrication team to design and craft 35 larger-than-life NFL Helmets. Each meticulously designed helmet stands tall at an impressive 1.3m, serving captivating representation for every team in the NFL.

These colossal imitations, brought to life with careful attention to detail, took centre stage at three thrilling NFL games held in London. The scale and craftsmanship of these helmets became iconic focal points, offering attendees unforgettable and awe-inspiring photo opportunities as fans posed alongside their favourite team’s towering helmet.

Following their showcase in London, the NFL Helmets embarked on an international journey, making their way to Munich, Germany.

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony – UK
Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony – UK

Scruffy Dog Creative Group were approached by the team delivering the amazing 2022 Commonwealth Games’ opening ceremony in Birmingham, UK.

We were delighted to be awarded a creative build project for key floats, integral to the opening ceremony of the games, especially as the host city is the home of our production facilities.  

The key floats we designed, fabricated, and delivered honoured the UK’s long-standing motor and film industries, for which Birmingham is greatly celebrated.