As part of our creative process envisioning a new family entertainment centre themed around the wonderful world of arts and crafts, we created a full colour three-dimensional flythrough of the entire experience. In this video we follow the guest’s journey through the various paint centred activities on offer. Be enthralled by the oversized theming and the exciting play options available including soft-play, slides, trampolines, interactive paint shooting, climbing centre and much, much more!

This flythrough was created several years ago at Scruffy Dog and since this time the quality of our flythrough have dramatically improved and we can now produce VR compatible high resolution, and highly realistic representations of the guest experience. Unfortunately, these projects are all under NDA and so we cannot showcase this ability at this time.

Hyper-realistic Desert Timelapse

Since the release of Unreal Engine 5 Early Access our Digital team have been hard at work learning the new exciting features it has to offer. In doing so we hope to elevate our visual renders and aim to keep up to date with all of the new techniques used in content creation.

For this project the aim was to create a hyper realistic time-lapse render utilising the new lighting method Lumen and which was released with UE5. Along with the now fully integrated Quixel Bridge which offers realistic 3D scanned photogrammetry objects this meant that we were now able to speed up our environment creation by a significant amount with better results.


As part of our expansion into previsualisation for advertising and film & TV the Digital Storytelling team produced several animated shorts to showcase our ability in this field. In this video the team chose to animate an intergalactic environment, spaceships, explosions, asteroids, and the dynamic of old friends turned foes to create an exciting space chase. The clip also features close ups of the characters showing our teams range at animating human emotion in addition to environments, vehicles, movement and more.

Watch as this epic flight unfolds featuring gunfire, missiles, incredible piloting manoeuvres and more. Who will come out on top?