Intergalactic Space Ship

Scruffy Dog Creative Group were delighted to be awarded the contract to design a large scale prop for a new space age TV programme premiering on Sky.

Our creative productions team worked tirelessly to create the impressive, highly detailed spacescraft used in the filming of the show.

The end result was fantastic and we cant wait to see it feature properly when the programme air


As part of a project for Google Scruffy Dog were commissioned to create several film sets for use in various  online YouTube features.

Our workshop team created a range of fantastic sets. They crafted highly accurate replications of an American diner, an abandoned house and a television studio amongst others. 

As well as the bare bones of the sets, the flooring, walls and other structural elements our workshop team constructed  bespoke signage, shelving units, stairwells, news desks and more. They also carefully selected off the shelf props and re-purposed them where necessary to create the interesting sets you see here. 

The Reduced Height Theatre Company

Scruffy Dog have worked on many small jobs for theatre productions in the past. One such job involved the creation of a set for Warwick Davies Theatre Company. 

The set we envisioned was a household interior featuring multiple three dimensional props & sets including blue glass widnows, bookcase, functioning doors and a bespoke timber staircase. We also provided scenic painting services for the enitrety of the set.

Our team manufactured the props within our Birmingham workshop before undertaking their installation on site.