19 August 2021

In 2017 Heide Park, one of Germany’s biggest theme parks, unveiled a brand new interactive dark ride based on the globally renowned IP; Ghostbusters.

Heide Park called Scruffy Dog Creative Group to provide the Initial concept & development, schematic design, themed production and realisation for all the theming for innovative Ghostbusters dark ride attraction.

On the ride, visitors join forces with the Ghostbusters team and become part of the action as they battle against supernatural creatures and ghosts. The ride combines state-of-the-art technology with impressive special effects to create a spectacular, interactive 5D experience.

It begins in an old abandoned fire station which serves as the headquarters for the Ghostbusters and the attraction’s ride station. Visitors are then equipped with 3D glasses and enter the ride vehicle, designed to look like the iconic Ecto-1 car from the movies. As the ride begins, visitors are transported into another dimension and taken on a thrilling journey through ghost-infested streets and haunted buildings.

When it opened, the ride garnered a resoundingly positive reception across the globe; it was a hit with fans of the franchise and attracted fresh attention to the movies, series, and games.