Scruffy Dog Creative Group and Sela Unveil “Wonder Garden”

23 November 2023
Scruffy Dog Creative Group and Sela Unveil “Wonder Garden”

For the Riyadh Season in 2023, Scruffy Dog Creative Group, a leader in experience design and creative build, is excited to announce a dynamic partnership with Sela to deliver Wonder Garden. A brand-new, outstanding temporary amusement and experience park.

The enormous, enchanted amusement park will command attention during this year’s Riyadh Season. Riyadh Season brings people from all over the world together to participate in a variety of engaging experiences. In the plethora of intriguing installations adorning the cityscape throughout this year’s festival, Wonder Garden is expected to stand out as a particular highlight.

Wonder Garden is a vivid and immersive themed natural environment that will envelop visitors in a kaleidoscope of colours, rich vegetation, and limitless creativity. Attendees will have access to a variety of entertainment options, including thrilling rides, interactive games, cutting-edge multimedia experiences, a variety of culinary delights, and more, all of which are divided into separate themed zones, each with its own distinct ambiance and style.

In close collaboration with the Sela team, Scruffy Dog Creative Group is currently hard at work creating the Concept Masterplan and then the Technical Development. This partnership makes sure that visitors may experience and delight in this enchanted dream as a beautiful reality.

The Scruffy Dog Creative Group’s Diego Cid – Sn Creative Director: “We were incredibly delighted to join forces with Sela and work together to make their colourful vision a reality. “We were happy to work together again for the Riyadh season 2023/24 and offer something wholly new and distinctive after a successful partnership on the winter wonderland 2021 and 2022. Once more, it has been an incredible delight.