Staying Creative at Home and the Workplace

A persons hand drawing on a tablet an image of LEGO ninjago
A persons hand drawing on a tablet an image of LEGO ninjago
12 June 2023
Staying Creative at Home and the Workplace

Creativity is a strange, mercurial thing. One moment it’s flowing freely, animating us gracefully with barely a prompt or input, the next it’s like drawing blood from a rock and we’re astonished that we even thought we could do this in the first place. These twin states of feast and famine will be familiar to anyone who works creatively or to anyone with a creative hobby. Whether it’s in the world of painting, drawing, writing, music, design, acting, photography, or anything else, we can find ourselves subject to the whims of the creativity within us.

But for those of us whose work depends on a reliable stream of creativity, learning to nurture this slippery force is really important; staying creative is how we make a living after all. So what can we do to befriend this ephemeral beast? How do we ensure we can come up with creative goods when our work depends on it?

Marlies Urbauer, our Art Director based in our Barcelona office, has put together the following list of tips that she uses to keep her creativity up. And they work for anyone who wants to be more creative, not just those who work in a creative field. Without further ado, here’s Marlies:’

Here are some strategies I use for staying creative at home and in the workplace.


Like any skill, creativity takes practice. I try to make time to engage in creative activities at home and at work, whether it’s writing, drawing, or brainstorming. Over time, you may find that your creativity becomes more natural and effortless. Learning new skills helps me stay refreshed and engaged in the creative process.


I try to set specific, achievable goals both at work and at home, which helps develop creative goals systematically. Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges and try things outside of your comfort zone. This can help expand skill sets and approach problems with a fresh perspective.


Many times taking a break and stepping away from your work can help you come up with new ideas. When I return, whether it be a few days or a few hours, I notice my drawing and painting skills improve immensely. Taking a step back from creating gives me new energy and clarity on a project. Look for inspiration in the world around you. Explore new places and try new things!

Creating Art:

Make an effort to create art at home to stay inspired in the workplace. The key is creating art that you don’t get the chance to delve into while working. Some of my favorite activities can range from designing characters for fun in Photoshop to stepping away from the digital medium and getting my hands dirty with oil painting. Traditional painting takes me out of the workplace and digital world, and into a relaxing and explorative creative process. By doing something different at work and at home, it motivates me to stay creative. So switch it up! Work on projects that you don’t normally get to create in the workplace, and most importantly have fun!

By applying these strategies in both your personal and professional life, you can develop and maintain your creativity, increase your productivity, and find fulfilment in both areas of your life.