The Benefits of Interactive Display Experiences

historical interactive exhibit
historical interactive exhibit
25 November 2022
The Benefits of Interactive Display Experiences

Museums have been around for centuries, and their primary purpose has always been to educate. In the last few decades, however, museums have started to focus more on providing interactive experiences for their visitors; a change that has not only benefitted the visitors, but also the museums themselves. Many modern museums have discovered new and innovative ways to create interactive display experiences and have thereby provided visitors with educational opportunities far removed from what they’d get simply by reading information from a plaque on a wall.

Increased Engagement

Engagement is a key facet of museum exhibits and with there being a sizable number of people who simply walk-through exhibitions without really absorbing any information, it’s important that museums look to capture the attention of these visitors and offer them an alternative way of consuming information.  Interactive display exhibits do exactly this and frequently make visitors far more receptive to the knowledge on offer.

Easier to Create and Manage Content

One of the biggest benefits to interactive display experiences is that they tend to utilise digital features. Of course, digital is far easier to manage than physical with new facts or figures easily being added through a computer program and content being highly editable. Many museums still utilise signs or boards to display their information which – when new content becomes available or changes need to be made – need to be torn down and replaced completely.

Reduced Display Costs

While it’s frequently more expensive to get interactive display exhibits installed in the first place on account of them requiring additional technology to get running, they actually tend to be cheaper in the long run. As mentioned in the previous section, content can be easily edited and replaced which makes many of these experiences far more long-lived than their alternatives; when factoring in the costs to remove and replace physical displays, interactive display experiences can save you a great deal of money over time. Due to how versatile they can be, interactive display experiences can often also be repurposed for fit into a whole different exhibit altogether.

Inclusivity and Equality

Something museums don’t always do a great job with is inclusivity and catering to the requirements of various visitors some of which may have additional learning needs. Interactive display experiences are far more adaptable when it comes to this and can frequently feature additional technology to include things such as audio descriptions, adjustable displays, or even control over text size and colour. It’s reported that up to 15 million people in the UK have some form of disability and accessibility is key to aligning your museum with the needs of a major demographic.

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