The Impact of Technology on the Attraction and Theme Park Industry

9 March 2022
The Impact of Technology on the Attraction and Theme Park Industry

Technology is an ever-adapting medium, with every new year offering new devices, techniques and solutions. Many industries rely highly on technology and always look to implement the latest and greatest to improve their products and services. The theme park industry is very much one of these, with new technology constantly expanding the scope of what an attraction or ride can actually be. It’s not going too far to say that technology is one of the driving factors behind the developments within the Theme Park industry. Any new rides and attractions will undoubtedly pivot upon the latest developments from within the technological sector.  

Theme Parks Through History

The 18th Century was a relatively stable time within Britain, with many budding entrepreneurs looking to create ‘the next big thing’. Vauxhall Gardens in London was one of the first examples of what you could consider an early theme park offering firework shows, theatre performances, and drinking booths. Technology was advanced enough in 1920 to create one of the first roller coaster rides, the Scenic Railway in the UK, officially opened to the public. Contrary to many automated systems we see in theme parks today, the Scenic Railway required a brakeman to manually control its speed.

Theme Parks Today

Today’s theme parks are marvels of ride technology and engineering. Sophisticated systems, materials and construction techniques allowed designs unimaginable only a few years ago. Multi-launch rides send guests hurtling forward and backwards at high speeds. Rides with multiple inversions with nothing but a lap bar holding people in place.

Modern materials and computer software allow for safer attractions than ever before, with digital calculations of velocity, angles, and overall risk allowing for greater experimentation with ride design.

Alongside technology, safety has also evolved with many rides that were so popular historically, not even passing essential inspections in the modern-day. It has become very rare to hear anyone getting injured at a theme park. This is an excellent indicator that technology is being used to protect people from unfortunate accidents.

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