Themed Accommodation – A Fun Gimmick or a Genuine Attraction?

A How To Train Your Dragon themed hotel toom with a double and bunkbed
A How To Train Your Dragon themed hotel toom with a double and bunkbed
3 May 2022
Themed Accommodation – A Fun Gimmick or a Genuine Attraction?

Frequently offered as part of a theme park resort, themed accommodation can be a great way to keep guests immersed even when settling in for the evening. It provides a fantastic opportunity to continue or even elevate the immersion for guests, increase additional spending and improve guest satisfaction. There is, however, debate around the actual functionality of themed accommodation and its limitations on designers.

Themed Accommodation – Examples

Themed accommodation can vary greatly. You may be most familiar with offerings transporting guests to locations within the realms of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more. General media and IP isn’t the only subject; you can also find wine-themed stays, haunted hotels, and even extra-terrestrial tree houses.

A Genuine Attraction?

While themed accommodation may not offer the same fascination as a themed ride, plenty of people worldwide have shown interest in staying at one of these, with many of the most popular rooms being very commercially popular. Haunted hotels, in particular, see a great deal of attraction and can even feature on TV shows. Themed accommodation has a significant advantage over their regular counterparts as they tend to advertise very well and naturally draw a fanbase. Another significant benefit is that they keep visitors engaged. LEGO-themed accommodation is very popular with families visiting a LEGOLAND park and is a great way to keep them on site. It is also a great way to leverage certain brands or IPs that better lend themselves to the accommodation rather than a themed attraction.

Striking a Balance

Themed accommodation is a great experience as long as several rules are followed;

  • At the end of the day, themed accommodation is still accommodation and should therefore be comfortable for visitors. No matter how excited they are about the theme.
  • Don’t force a theme. If it’s not really relevant for your accommodation to be themed or there isn’t a theme you’ve got in mind, it might be best to keep it as is.
  • Think about your audience. What sort of theme would they want? Does your accommodation have a link to a theme park or attraction?    

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