Using Theme Park Design to Increase Customer Dwell Time

Magical tree attraction in a forest
Magical tree attraction in a forest
12 October 2022
Using Theme Park Design to Increase Customer Dwell Time

Theme Park design is a great way to increase customer dwell time and keep them coming back for more. By carefully designing the layout of your theme park and attractions, you can create an environment that encourages exploration and discovery, something that is thereby far more likely to keep customers at the theme park for longer.

Create a Unifying Theme

Theming will help guests orient themselves and feel like they are truly immersed in the experience. It will also make it easier for staff to create cohesive and professional-looking theme park communications and experiences.

Some factors to consider when creating a theme include:

  • What feeling or experience do you want your guests to have?
  • What colours and styles will help create that feeling?
  • What images or symbols represent your ride or theme park?

Your theme should be reflected in everything from your website and marketing materials to the way your staff greet guests and the design of your guest rooms. It’s important to be consistent in order to create a strong, unified brand.

Use Technology to Enhance The Experience

Interactive elements can really bring the park to life and make it more memorable for guests which improves customer dwell time and encourages repeat visits.

Some ideas for interactive elements to increase dwell time include:

  • Virtual reality experiences that transport guests into different parts of your theme park or into the past/future.
  • Augmented reality experiences that superimpose digital information onto the real world (for example, a map of the park that appears on your phone as you walk around)
  • Interactive exhibits that use sensors to respond to gestures or movements (for example, an exhibit about animals that triggers different sounds when you wave your hand in front of it)
  • Technology can also be used to create audio descriptions or sign language interpretations of exhibits for guests who are blind or deaf, which makes your theme park feel more inclusive.

Pay Attention to The Details

Little things can make a big difference when it comes to dwell time. For example, caring out tasks such as weeding the gardens or sweeping up leaves can go a long way in making the park look well-kept and inviting. This also sends a message to visitors that the park is cared for and worth visiting.

Other small things that can have a big impact include picking up litter, trimming hedges and bushes, and keeping the grass cut. These all contribute to an overall feeling of neatness and cleanliness at your theme park making for a location that visitors are happy to stay in.

It’s also important to pay attention to details like signage, benches, and bins. Making sure these are in good repair and placed in strategic locations can make the park more user-friendly.

All of these little things can make a big difference in how enjoyable the park is to visit. By taking care of the details, you can make sure that everyone can enjoy your theme park which, in turn, increases the dwell time.

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