World of Wine Opens the Doors

Inside of a wine museum with grape sculptures
Inside of a wine museum with grape sculptures
21 October 2020
World of Wine Opens the Doors

Following five years of development and in excess of €100 million of investment, Fladgate Partnership recently unveiled the World of Wine, a collection of six immersive museum experiences, nine restaurants, bars, and cafes, temporary exhibition space, shops, and a wine school.

Based in the historic town of Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, WOW pays tribute to the most important Portuguese industries and traditions.

The Fladgate Partnership teamed up with Scruffy Dog Creative Group to create several of their experiences which include World of Wine, Planet Cork, and Porto Region across the ages (aka PRATA).

The Scruffy Dog Creative team were responsible for the masterplan, concept design and schematic design, whilst Scruffy Dog’s Realisation team lead by Dylan Lardner – Burke completed the experience and attraction delivery.

Studio Producer Fergus Murphy who worked on the project from the conceptualisation said “Our approach was to provide a layered experience that will appeal to a diverse market of wine drinkers and as well as guests that are not. It is an experience for all that will help boost the rich heritage of Portugal”.

Guests will see the history of all 3 museums brought to life through several experiences.

“The main focus for the design was to immerse the guest into the realism of the story and history, taking a standard format for the exhibits, and developing them into memorable, one of a kind displays”.

Scruffy Dog worked with the team at Fladgate Partnership from Design to Production, ensuring that every concept was factually correct, and because of this, they formed a great working team.

CEO of Scruffy Dog Group and the Executive Creative for this project, Joe Bright said “It has been a fantastic opportunity for us and working with Fladgate has been such a pleasure. The creative working relationship & process we created alongside their CEO and team, has enabled us to deliver this world class experience. We are so pleased to see the result of all our efforts, we wanted to create an immersive and interactive experience that allows the visitor to engage themselves in the history of the region. We hope that visitors feel part of this as they journey through the various experiences”.