3 Highly Influential Theme Parks Across The World

A theme park at night time with many people walking around and a ferris weel in the centre
A theme park at night time with many people walking around and a ferris weel in the centre
28 February 2022
3 Highly Influential Theme Parks Across The World

Over the last few years, the popularity of theme parks has grown dramatically, and there has been a massive surge in the number of new parks being built. This is – in no small part – due to the colossal popularity of some of the more established parks worldwide. There are a whole host of fantastic parks, and many of them regularly come into consideration for the top 3. Of course, the world of theme parks is rapidly changing, and judging which ones are the best is challenging. Regardless, here are the ones regularly considered to be amongst the best.

Number 3 – Alton Towers Resort

The most prominent theme park in the United Kingdom, Alton Towers, is a themed resort built upon the formerly private estate of the Earl of Shrewsbury. The resort boasts a handful of hotels, water park, and theme park among its 370 hectares. The park sits within a conservation area, which means all developments must adhere to strict planning rules and regulations. The result is a host of attractions borne through creative adversity, digging down and not building above the tree line, as well as many record holders, including The Smiler roller coaster also holds the world record for most inversions on a roller coaster (14). Other rides such as Nemesis was the first B&M suspended coaster outside of the US, Corkscrew was the first inverting coaster in the UK, Air/Galactica the first B&M flying coaster in the world, and lastly Oblivion the first Dive coaster in the world.

Number 2 – Universal Studios Hollywood

The original Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood started as a film studio and still integrates elements of live production into the guest experience. It is arguably the best park in the world regarding series-based theming. You can find rides and attractions depicting characters and settings from established classics such as; Harry Potter, Jurassic World, Transformers, The Simpsons, and more. One of the unique draws of this park is that you can experience a tour of the soundstages and backlots on an iconic and informative tram tour.

While Universal Studios isn’t the largest or the most frequently visited, its popularity has led to the creation of sister parks in Orlando, Japan, Singapore and now, Beijing. Universal Studios is now the third-largest amusement park chain and garners millions of annual visitors across its multiple locations.

Number 1 – Magic Kingdom, Florida

It should be no surprise that a Disney theme park is at the top of our most influential list. The brand has experienced massive growth due to the popularity of its theme park and resort division. It holds its place as one of the most established franchises globally. In 2019, Magic Kingdom attracted 20.9 million visitors, making it the most visited theme park worldwide for the thirteenth consecutive year. The park is home to countless imaginatively and highly themed attractions based on Disney IP to cater to its adult and children demographics.

Magic Kingdom, and the entire Disney World Resort, are celebrating its 50th anniversary with a host of special events and attraction openings. The park frequently celebrates seasonal events and puts its own spin on Halloween and other annual celebrations.  

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