What is a Family Entertainment Centre?

An image of a circus for family entertainment.
An image of a circus for family entertainment.
2 March 2023
What is a Family Entertainment Centre?

The family entertainment centre (FEC) is a family-friendly location-based entertainment outlet. They can be indoor or outdoor facilities that offer an array of attractions and activities that might include things like bowling, go-karts, mini golf, laser tag, arcade games, batting cages and more. FECs might also be themed to add a level of immersion to the family fun.

FECs usually have a spread of attractions to choose from. For instance, some centres might offer adventure obstacles, like a ropes course, as well as a soft play area for younger kids. Similarly, an arcade-oriented FEC might feature classic video games alongside the latest virtual reality experiences suitable for teens and adults alike. Some family entertainment centres also include food courts and special event spaces for family gatherings and birthday parties.

The core of family entertainment centres’ appeal is that they offer family-friendly spaces where parents can supervise their children while still having fun. They provide an engaging, family-centred atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying about safety or supervision. With so many attractions and activities available, FECs offer something for everyone. So, for anyone looking for a great way to spend quality time with their family and friends, family entertainment centres have been precision designed by talented teams for precisely this purpose!

Are FECs Just for Families?

In addition to family fun, family entertainment centres are also great places for corporate events and team-building activities. Many FECs offer special packages that include food, drinks, and access to their attractions. This makes them fantastic venue options for quirky and entertaining company outings and celebrations. Wouldn’t it be more fun if employers considered hosting their events at themed family entertainment centres? We certainly think so.

No matter the type of family outing or business event, family entertainment centres can provide a wide range of fun-filled settings. Different FECs will have specific USPs, whether it’s competitive social, rich theming, or first-of-their-kind attractions, so there’s plenty out there to suit a range of tastes. And with an ever-evolving slate of new games and concepts, and immersive theming becoming the norm, family entertainment centres are more innovative and interesting than ever. There is more diversity in this corner of the LBE industry than ever before.

At Scruffy Dog Creative Group, we have a great deal of experience designing family entertainment centres around a whole host of different themes, attraction programs, and other requirements. Our services cover the entire process, from concept and ideation to the planning and implementation processes. You can view our portfolio of previous family entertainment centres here.

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