What Makes a Great Amusement Park?

An above shot of a childrens theme park with bright colours that include a grass maze and multiple rides
An above shot of a childrens theme park with bright colours that include a grass maze and multiple rides
11 July 2022
What Makes a Great Amusement Park?

Amusement and theme parks have always been the go-to destinations for a fun day out. The variety and quality of each park allow them to cater to a wide range of demographics, offering an excellent experience for visitors of all ages. Of course, creating them is not easy or straightforward, and a whole host of features must be seamlessly combined to create a positive experience.

Weather Resistance

A significant issue with many modern amusement and theme parks is their struggle to provide the same visitor experience under different weather conditions. With many parks spanning tens of acres and having rides reaching into the sky, getting a roof up to shield against inclement weather is easier said than done. There’s nothing worse than planning a day out only to have it ruined by rain, wind or snow. Indoor – or at least sheltered – rides can provide guests something to do even when the weather keeps them away from some of the best attractions. It’s not always easy to implement, but certain types of rides are just as good (if not better) when indoors.


A themed ride can be a make or break for an amusement park. The publicity offered by an attraction about a popular intellectual property is enough to draw a huge crowd. It can potentially act as one of the chief earners for a park. On the other hand, a poorly designed themed attraction is often enough to enrage a fan base and can frequently harm the public image of the whole park. Due to copyright and licencing, getting a themed attraction built can be a long and strenuous process; therefore, it’s important that the ride made positively represents the theme.

Size and Location

One of the first things that should be considered when designing a theme park is the size. The park needs to be large enough to offer space for all the planned rides (with the potential to further expand) and be well laid out to allow visitors to walk around without accidentally joining the queue for an attraction. The best parks have also put thought into placing food stalls and toilets, making the experience far more pleasant – especially for visiting families with children.

The location also plays a massive part in how successful an amusement or theme park is. The area around the park often forces limitations upon the build. It can play a prominent role in many design decisions and even which attractions can actually be built. Visitors also tend to be far more reluctant to revisit parks that are difficult to get to. A lack of public transport and parking can sour many an experience before it even begins.

Attractions for All Ages

It’s never easy planning a day out for the whole family. With children even a few years apart, there’s a good chance their idea of a fun day out differs. The best theme parks are great at catering to different demographics and offer attractions for all age groups.

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